Retailer of Carpets and Rugs in Glastonbury.

Transform the look of your room with a new carpet or rug. Bancroft Carpets located in Glastonbury offers a wide selection of carpets in a range of textures, either plain or patterned, and are ideal for use all over the home.

The look of a well fitted carpet will enhance your room. It is attractive to look at, and offers the natural feel of a luxury textile.

Bancroft Carpets also stocks a wide collection of rugs in a range of styles that will enhance any room. A great looking rug can add that extra interest and make a real difference to the ambience of your room.

Please contact us for any further information and to view samples of our carpets and rugs.

Telephone: 01458 832494

Email: [email protected]

12 Benedict Street, Glastonbury. BA6 9EX